JFK DMR provides the following services:

  • Mobile BIM Manager / Virtual BIM Manager
  • Auditing of Revit Standards, Template and Drawings
  • Revit Coaching Sessions
  • Revit Family Creation
  • Revit Consulting
  • Virtual Consulting & Worksharing Production assistance
  • Initial Revit Model Set-up
  • Temporary Production "Assistance"
  • Revit Rendered Drawings
  • Revit 3D Animation Revit Presentation Drawings​

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Our Story

Established in 2010 JFK Drawings, Models and Renderings LLC set out to find our niche in the Architectural community. After talking to professionals in the Architectural field, we learned that we were most suited to assisting the Small Architectural firms (between 1-200 people) and Sole Practitioner Architects that are either transitioning into Revit (from AutoCad) or were starting to use Revit as their Primary Design/Drafting tool.

Although our initial intent was to provide Revit production assistance to Architectural firms, through our discussions with our clients we learned that they needed much more than that. These discussions taught us two things: First that our clients are more than happy to open up a dialog with us about their Revit needs and how we can assist them in achieving their "goals". Second that we can't assume what our clients needs are, but we must always ask the question "How can we take of your Revit needs?"

It is JFK DMR's primary purpose, in working with Small Architectural Firms and Sole Practitioner Architects, to provide them with the time needed to concentrate on their designs and meet their deadlines. While JFK DMR takes care of the Architect's Revit issues, making the Small Architectural Firm and Sole Practitioner Architects more productive.

Our goal at JFK DMR is to establish a relationship with our clients and have satisfied customers.

Come find out more

"How can we take care of your Revit Needs?"

       -- JFK Drawings, Models and Renderings first question to our clients