All our Revit Content Families are custom made to our client's special needs. We create Revit Content ranging from 2D "Symbols" Families, Basic Massing Families to the Complex highly detail interactive Families.

When we design Architectural Content Families, we keep in mind what the Architect is looking for as well as it's Revit functionality. Seeing that there is a great need for content "symbols we now specialize in the creation of Revit Families for Architects, Vendors and Manufacturers

JFK Drawings, Models and Renderings can help your firm by providing an initial 3D model set-up, as per your company standards. All we will need provided to us is either "As-built" drawings or CAD files or even both.

Revit Rendered Drawings

Temporary Production "Assistance"

If your firm has already transitioned from Autocad to Revit, JFK Drawings, Models and Renderings can audit your current Revit Standards, Templates and project Working Drawings in order to provide your firm with an efficient "streamlined" set of "Revit Tools" to increase your firm's productivity.

JFK Drawings, Models and Renderings will consult with your firm in order to determine what are the "BEST Practices" and workflows for your use of BIM (Revit), Cloud Storage & Management (BIM 360). We will make suggestions on how to improve your usage of BIM, based on your past projects and how your staff has used BIM in the past, making your staff more efficient today. We will also make suggestions on how to make efficient use of "Cloud Storage" and how to work "in the cloud" (BIM 360).

Auditing of Revit Standards, Template and Drawings

Revit and Cloud Worksharing Consulting

JFK Drawings, Models and Renderings specializes in being a BIM Manager but not in "that Traditional" sense, this is the 21st Century and not all firms have need of a BIM Manager 100% of the time or maybe the need for BIM Manager is via an online connection, and this is where JFK DMR fills that niche. JFK DMR provides it's clients with all the responsibilities and duties that a "Tradition" BIM Manager does.

At JFK Drawings, Models and Renderings we work with our clients to give them the best quality products to suit their needs. Every client is different, which is the main reason why all our products are custom made. We work with architects, vendors, manufactures, and real estate agents to provide them with all the drawings requested. 

Mobile BIM Manager / Virtual BIM Manager

Our Services

JFK Drawings, Models and Renderings can provide your firm with basic walk-thru animations from your Revit 3D drawings.

JFK Drawings, Models and Renderings can provide your firm with rendered presentation drawings from your production or massing drawings (based on Revit).

JFK Drawings, Models and Renderings can provide your firm with On-site / Off-site consulting on a temporary basis hen your firm is in need of "added help" in order to meet your production deadlines.

Revit Family Creation

Initial Revit Model Set-up

Revit 3D Animation Revit Presentation Drawings​

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