Established in 2010 JFK Drawings, Models and Renderings LLC set out to help the Architectural community in it's ever changing production needs by providing Revit consulting services. JFK DMR's intent from the beginning has been to help Architectural firms understand and cope with their changing needs as we all move forward into the 21st Century. In doing so we provide services including, but not limited to those services as described to left. It is JFK DMR's primary purpose, in working with Architects, to provide them with the time needed to concentrate on their designs and meet their deadlines. While JFK DMR takes care of the Architect's Revit issues, making the Architectural firm more productive.

We work with our clients face to face, and are always in communication with them. The first question that we ask our client is "How can we take care of your Revit needs?" From that feedback JFK DMR provides tailor made solutions including: Revit Templates, Standards and Families.

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